Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst - Chinchilla Choons
Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst - Chinchilla Choons
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Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst

Chinchilla Choons
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Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst :

Central theme/narrative: the life and times of Dr. Octagon.
‰ÛÏDr. Octagonecologyst‰Ûù introduces the character of Dr. Octagon, a homicidal, hypersexual, extraterrestrial, time-traveling gynecologist, and surgeon. Dr. Octagon‰Ûªs history is detailed throughout the album‰Ûªs songs, skits, and samples.
According to Mickey Hess, author of ‰ÛÏIs Hip-Hop Dead? The Past, Present, and Future of America‰Ûªs Most-Wanted Music‰Ûù:
‰ÛÏThe album‰Ûªs beginning and ending tie together the stories of the fictional character Dr. Octagon and the rap career of Kool Keith Thornton himself: We begin with ‰Û÷3000‰Ûª and end with ‰Û÷1977,‰Ûª which purports to be an audio recording from an early rap performance by Kool Keith ‰Û_ announcing a 1977 rap show featuring ‰Û_ pioneers Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, the L Brothers, and the original scratch creator Grand Wizzard Theodore [sic]. The message is clear: Kool Keith is a part of hip-hop history, and even as rap moves on to the future, Dr. Octagon does not replace Kool Keith.‰Ûù
Is this Kool Keith‰Û÷s best album (outside Ultramagnetic‰Ûªs debut ‰ÛÏCritical Beatdown‰Ûù)? In a catalog as deep and diverse as Kool Keith‰Ûªs is, it may be hard to choose ‰ÛÒ but ‰ÛÏDr. Octagonecologyst‰Ûù arguably is his magnum opus.
An all-time underground favorite, ‰ÛÏDr. Octagonecologyst‰Ûù simply is a perfect album. The concept works, the album flows perfectly and the production by Dan The Automator is absolutely phenomenal ‰ÛÒ innovative, eery, spaced-out: the instrumentals provide the perfect backdrop for Kool Keith‰Ûªs trademark bizarre lyrics.
‰ÛÏDr. Octagonecologyst‰Ûù provided a new benchmark in pushing the limits of hip-hop and has rarely been surpassed since its release in 1996.

  • 01 Dr. Octagon - Intro.mp3
  • 02 Dr. Octagon - 3000.mp3
  • 03 Dr. Octagon - I Got To Tell You.mp3
  • 04 Dr. Octagon - Earth People.mp3
  • 05 Dr. Octagon - No Awareness Feat. Chewbacca Uncircumcised.mp3
  • 06 Dr. Octagon - Real Raw.mp3
  • 07 Dr. Octagon - General Hospital.mp3
  • 08 Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers.mp3
  • 09 Dr. Octagon - Technical Difficulties.mp3
  • 10 Dr. Octagon - A Visit to The Gynecologyst.mp3
  • 11 Dr. Octagon - Bear Witness.mp3
  • 12 Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagon Feat. Chewbacca Uncircumcised.mp3
  • 13 Dr. Octagon - Girl Let Me Touch You.mp3
  • 14 Dr. Octagon - I'm Destructive.mp3
  • 15 Dr. Octagon - Wild and Crazy.mp3
  • 16 Dr. Octagon - Elective Surgery.mp3
  • 17 Dr. Octagon - Halfsharkalligatorhalfman.mp3
  • 18 Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers Revisited.mp3
  • 19 Dr. Octagon - Waiting List (DJ Shadow-Automator Mix).mp3
  • 20 Dr. Octagon - 1977.mp3



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